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New Testament Church Health Tip Volume 4,#2 - 4/15/2012
Please note: the New Testament Church Health Tips are for information purposes only. It is not for diagnosis or treatment of any condition. If you have an illness, injury or other symptoms please consult with your health care provider immediately.
Drinks containing caffeine are the fastest growing segment of the beverage industry. And like the use of tobacco-like products of 20 years ago to get kids to start smoking as young as 9 years old, the beverage industry has increased the use and amount of caffeine added to its drinks to generate the next group of life long customers to the harm of the well-being of these customers for money.
Take Home Point
Just as you would not put corn oil in your Ferrari or Lamborghini for fuel, donít put meaningless fluid in your body. Your body is 70% water. Put in your body the fuel it can use: WATER.
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2. Ressig CJ, Strain EC, Griffiths RR. Caffeinated Energy Drinks-A Growing Problem. Jan 2009;99(1-3):1-10.

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