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Carole Duquette

Never Give Up Hope
Nothing is impossible with God

For almost twenty years I have been praying for my mom to be saved. She is almost ninety years old and did not know the Lord.
God healed her Feb 2,2009 of stomach tumors.

Doctors could not believe her CAT scan was negative. Neither could my mom. It was true, they were gone. The miracles of God never cease.
On February 5th 2009 I was still in Plattsburgh, NY asking for God’s favor. With my face flat on the floor, crying out, “please God I cannot go home again without my mom being saved. Please, please help me to say the right words”. Sure enough in my spirit God told me where and how. Guess what, my mom received Jesus as her Lord and Savior. “Yeah”!!!
Friday night service February 13 God spoke to my heart. He said, this is only the beginning testimony of healings and salvations for 2009. Praise be to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit forever and ever,
Carole Duquette

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